I have recently joined The AllBright Club, a new women-only private members club that has to quote their website ‘been designed by women with women in mind’ and to ‘create opportunities for woman to thrive and flourish’ both personally and professionally. 
Their inaugural club is based in Rathbone Place in Fitzrovia, only a 5 minute walk from The London Resolution’s office and so a perfect second (or third!) London base. 
It opened earlier in 2018 and there are exciting plans for new clubs in Mayfair and L.A. next year. 
In the era of #metoo and following several high profile story’s about sexual harassment, The AllBright offers a different and refreshing take on a private members club and provides a platform for which women can work, take time out, network or hold meetings.
Inevitably, though, there will be people who think opening a members’ club for women only is a bad idea!   Men are most certainly very welcome, with members able to sign in both male and female guests and I believe The AllBright provides a positive, alternative platform for business. 
What I am particularly attracted to is The AllBright’s focus on furthering female careers and celebrating successful women as well as providing some much needed balance to and a different take on the plethora of male only private members clubs.
With a clear emphasis on supporting, encouraging and succeeding females in business, being a member of The AllBright is a privilege and it supports The London Resolution’s well rounded and holistic business approach for both ourselves and for our clients.
I welcome you to join me for a coffee here. 
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